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Mindful Summer Reading – The 2015 picks

It seems like we were just walking through slush and already we find ourselves at mid-summer, but there is still plenty of time to hit he beach with a good read.  I have some suggestions that will not only entertain you, but build your mindfulness skills.  Whether you are a fiction fan or a non-fiction buff, this list contains something for you!  The first book to consider is non-fiction.  No Mud, No Lotus provides the reader with Thich Nhat Hanh’s signature pithy and happy teaching style.  In short, digestible chapters, readers will learn how to take the painful “mud” of life with the happy blooms, finding peace in the fact that we can’t know one without the other.  After reading the following excerpt on letting go, I felt so at peace I took an hour-long droolly nap in my beach chair…. I wish for you the same experience:

” If you come to look deeply into your fearful attachment, you will realize that it is in fact the very obstacle to your joy and happiness.  You have the capacity to let it go.  Letting go takes a lot of courage sometimes. But once you let go, happiness comes very quickly.  You won’t have to go around searching for it.”  

My next pick is Kate Atkinson’s popular 2014 novel that received rave reviews from great swaths of the literary world.  Life After Life tells the story of Ursula Todd, who is born one cold night in 1910, takes a single breath, then dies…. or does she?  Atkinson takes us through many versions of Ursula’s journey, raising questions about fate and free will along the way.

While the non-linear timeline of the story takes a few chapters to get used to, readers will soon be engrossed in the lives of the Todd family.  This is a rare novel that you will want to read in one sitting, and then immediately start from the beginning.

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We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

More Mindful Summer Reading: 2015 picks

In his sequel to Breakfast with Buddha, Otto Ringling takes another spiritual road trip with his favorite Rinpoche.  In Lunch with Buddha, Otto starts out as a reluctant chauffeur to his now (spoiler alert!) brother-in-law, Volya.  And just as in the first road trip, Otto learns some simple Buddhist messages that help him through one of life’s greatest challenges.  It’s a tough assignment to combine Buddhist teachings  with pleasurable fiction but Roland Merullo has the knack and once again he shares his deep grasp of Buddhist principles with enjoyable, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking tales.

If  you’re like me and need at least one non-fiction and one fiction book going at all times, these summer reading suggestions will keep you satisfied.  Acupressure’s Potent Points, and Acupressure for Emotional Healing provide the reader with the basics to start

using acupressure as powerful compliment to other forms of healing.  Each book starts with a short history of acupressure (acupuncture’s older sibling), along with tips for practical self-care, and then quickly delve into easy-to-follow routines to alleviate common ailments like migraine headaches, back pain, and anxiety.  Each point has a specific name and location and is clearly illustrated, like LU-1, the “letting go” point, one that you will surely want to make a daily routine.   These two volumes are appropriate for the life-long learner, or the health care practitioner looking to offer an easy stress reduction tool to patients.

Happy Reading!

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

Mindfulness on Vacation

283405940Want to take your next vacation twice? How about a dozen times? It’s possible relive your vacation as many times as you would like if you practice being in the present moment while you are laying by the pool, hiking you favorite mountain, or seeing the sights. One of the best ways to anchor your vacation experience is to focus on the senses.  This exercise can begin as soon as you book your trip.  Start savoring the anticipation of the trip.  There is nothing wrong with cultivating that good feeling of positive anticipation and excitement but use the mindful attitude of letting go to stay away from building up too many expectations for your trip.

Once your vacation begins, go with the flow.  Changes in itinery are a natural part of travel, as natural as breathing is to meditation.  If your plans get side tracked because of flight delays or weather let go and enjoy the adventure.  Be curious about what’s happening around you even if you are stuck in an airport.  You might be pleasantly surprised by connecting with a fellow traveler, or just by people watching.  By practicing letting go in these situations, you open up to new experience, warding off negative mood states and staying open to positive possibilities.

Being curious and open to experience is one of the gifts of mindfulness. Be curious about what’s happening around you even if you are stuck in an airport. You might be pleasantly surprised by connecting with a fellow traveler, or just by people watching.

Most importantly, when you do find yourself on that beautiful beach at sunset, in a canoe with a loved one at dawn, or even enjoying a summer barb-B-Q in your back yard.  Use all of your senses to anchor the experience in your long-term memory.  By doing this you will be easily able to recall the pleasant experience when you need a mental boost, like when life gets hectic again next fall, when you’re back in school or work, or during next January’s ice storm.

Download our new mind-sheet that explains the vacation meditation in step-by-step detail.  Let us know how it works for you.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

Rick Hanson is a big fan of “taking in the good” – savoring positive experience to counter negative experience.  Mindfulness on vacation can actually rewire your brain for the better!  Click on the banner below to learn more: