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Joy is sustainable happiness

Science tells us that practicing gratitude has many health benefits, like feeling less lonely and building a stronger immune system.  So why is it sometimes difficult for us to feel grateful?  Why do we sometimes have a hard time saying thank you, when one of the byproducts of gratitude is joy, a positive emotion that is much easier to sustain than the fleeting happiness we feel when we get what we want.


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As Lynne Twist says in her interview with Brother David Stiendl-Rast, “We can bring joy to anything; Happiness must be pursued.”   When viewed this way, being joyful seems much less energy intensive than the never-ending hunt for happiness.

What stops you from feeling grateful? I know I sometimes have trouble trusting in my good fortune.  If this is a struggle you share with me, try finding gratitude in “safe” things, like the feeling of holding a warm cup of coffee on a cold morning, or the fact that you were able to cuddle with a beloved pet for a few minutes.

Fear is another emotion that puts up a wall against gratitude and keeps us wanting more.   If you are feeling fearful about having enough money, losing a loved one, or the state of the environment, take a few slow, deep breaths, you are in good company, but this company that could use some relief!  Exhale completely, and take a look at where you have influence.  The smallest act of assistance to someone in need can help you feel less fearful and a bit more in control, allowing you the space to feel grateful.

I find the emerging adults I work in my private practice are sometimes hesitant to express gratitude because they are trying to establish independence.  When we are trying to make it on our own, it can feel like a failure to ask for and receive help, and expressions of gratitude can trigger shame.  If this is your situation, remember that asking for help is an important life skill.  Try you best to say thanks, then Express your gratitude by envisioning the day when you can give back.  

Make gratitude your mindfulness practice this week.  If you need help with boosting your gratitude skills, consider joining the gratefulness.org eCourse hosted by Lynne Twist and Brother David Stiendl-Rast.

Click here to sign up for the May session of the gratefulness course:  The Transformative Power of Sufficiency and Gratefulness.  


We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

Mindful Traveling: How to Stay At Peace While Traveling Solo

We love the idea of traveling for months (even years) on end.  What we don’t love as much though, is the craziness and imbalance that often accompany solo traveling, like exhaustion, and feeling homesick.

You’re sitting in a beautiful city, a thousand miles away from home, and you’re second-guessing why you started this whole game in the first place.

 But here’s a secret: That feeling…it’s totally OK; as long as you’ve got the right mental tools to help you pull through the sucky scenario and get back into the balance of things. We’ve got some helpful hints which may just be able to help you get back to that point of feeling balanced, sane, and centered.

Here’s how to bust the stress-cycle when traveling the world…

Tips for Traveling Mindfully

Essential #1 – Sleep

Absolutely nothing will go the way it’s supposed to when you’re deprived of sleep. You need to get in sync with your destination’s time difference from home so that your body has already started adjusting to the sleep cycle when you get there. In order to ensure you stay clear of mind and keep the balance where it should be, you HAVE to get enough sleep.

Essential #2 – Nourishment

The foods we eat while we’re traveling hugely impact our moods and our emotions, and they can disrupt our sanity as well. We get that eating on the run might not always be as easy as it would be back home, but you need to keep in mind how important the right foods, the minerals, and vitamins, are for keeping you balanced and centered.

Essential #3 – Plans

You don’t need to be OCD about planning and organizing and then planning some more, but once you see how much easier and better your travels are when you have a solid plan, you’ll understand why this is crucial for your wellbeing…. To some extent obviously! You still need a healthy mix of serendipity to help guide the way.

Plan your menus, plan your sleep cycle and start implementing it before you depart, plan your routes and stops. Plan on staying mindful and plan on when you’ll spend time reconnecting with your inner self.

Essential #4 – Exercise

If there was one thing we’d suggest getting really serious about, it would be your workout regime. Keeping up your healthy lifestyle and intentionally scheduling workouts on a daily basis during your travels will help keep your body and mind in shape. If you have an at home yoga program, then keep it up while you are traveling too, you’ll be able to find some great places & spaces for yoga while traveling! It’s also a great way in which you can explore your surroundings and clear your mind in one easy activity.

 Essential #5 – Staying in the Moment

Once you start feeling exhausted and not balanced, the only way your plans are going is south. Pretty soon too. That’s why you need to get to a point where you can stay in the present, being fully aware of where you are and why you’re there. You need to stop. Take in everything you see and smell, all that you feel in that moment. Connect with nature and the locals around you. Being present and just absorbing the energy around you is one of the best ways to regain control of your mind before your emotions take over, plus it’ll help you to better your emotions as well.

Essential #6 -Your Journal

We don’t all write in (or even keep) journals, but for solo travelers looking to stay sane on their journey, it’s crucial. Think about what made you happy today, and then put it in ink, or even note it down on your phone’s memo app. It’s the small things that make up the good memories you’ll take home, and it’s also the small things that will keep you balanced.

Essential #7 – Feeling the Freedom

Being in another country far away from home has its perks, and it’s a beautiful thing once you recognize that freedom. You’ve made the right life choices, you’re self-regulated, and you’re independent. You are free to live your life and to achieve all that you set out to do, without the cultural and religious restrictions that so many are tied down by back home. That kind of freedom does not come to all, so let it empower your body and soul and let it fuel your mind to actually live out loud!

 Essential #8 – Learning Life Lessons

When you’re traveling solo, you should do so with the intent of traveling consciously, mindfully, so that you can use your adventure to essentially learn new life lessons. All of the good and all of the bad, they come together to teach us valuable lessons of life. All of your experiences happen for a reason, and with so much to see and feel, the best thing you can do as a solo traveler is to live the lessons you’ve learned in the days, weeks, and months that have gone by.

Final Thoughts

We’ve shown you eight essential tools you’ll need to stay sane while traveling solo, and if you haven’t been incorporating them on your travels, there’s no better time for it but now. Soak up all of the experiences available to you, but keep them stored in your heart so that you can take them back home again. Life can be a beautiful adventure, but it needs to be taken on with the mindset of traveling consciously!

About The Author

I’m Dan, and I’m the Editor in Chief of True North Athletics. I’m also an avid adventurer, digital nomad, and traveler. I enjoy all types of outdoor sports, a good golf tan, and spontaneous weekend trips. I currently live in Brazil where I can frequently be found hiking the rain forest around my city!