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By Jane Weston, www.owlcoachingandconsulting.com Engaging in a mini-ritual for fall is an effective seasonal transition.  Implementing such a practice can not only help in proactively moving us forward toward a new goal or mindful practice, but will also help us savor the new season. Try This: When considering implementing a new ritual, consider something simple.  Keep […]


Change the baseline state of your mind

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On Getting Approval

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Recently, I shared an Instagram photo and quote by Yogi Bhajan on the mindful hub Facebook page. you can see it bellow. I received many responses from mindful hub readers.  I wondered why it struck such a chord, but then I remembered that we are deeply social animals.  Whether we like it our not, we […]


There’s still plenty of summer left to dive into a good book, watch a family-friendly movie, or practice mindfulness with renowned teachers. Get back to nature with Barkskins, a new novel by Pulitzer Prize-winner Annie Proulx’s (The Shipping News, Brokeback Mountain) latest novel. Barkskins gives readers a history lesson on deforestation and the human myth of dominion […]


Mindfulness 4 Mothers

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Click on this link to Check out Dr. Kellie Edward’s new course


What will you do with your free time this summer?  Here are some suggestions to boost your quotient of peace and ease: Let’s start with an idea for the kids. Moomin: The Deluxe Anniversary Edition, is a time-tested gem.  I discovered this series when my youngest two children were nine and twelve (the books are […]


Let’s just get this over with

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“Let’s just get this over with.”  This may be an appropriate sentiment when you are having a root canal, but did you ever notice this mindset seeping into daily life?  The self-talk may sound something like this: “I can’t wait until it’s Friday!” “Will this winter ever end?” These thoughts are understandable, but have you […]

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The Mindful Hub Summer Reading List – 2016

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Grab your sunscreen, your sunglasses, and your favorite floatation device, your Kindle or a good old-fashioned hard-bound copy – the annual mindful hub summer reading list is here, and we have something for everyone! Dinner with Buddha by Roland Merullo – Third in a series that is surprisingly funny and touching, Merullo picks up where Lunch […]


The good and bad of journaling

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Is Journaling a mindful activity or is it just a way to strengthen bad thought patterns and hang on to bad feelings? Recently I went through some old journals I’ve been keeping for writing ideas.  I was struck by some of my repetitive “story lines.”   Frankly I became bored very quickly with these old […]

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You Already Know This Stuff

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As you practice the stress reduction and mindfulness-based cognitive behavior techniques found at mindful hub its helpful to remember that you already know this stuff. You are not an anxious person trying to learn how to be calm.  You are a calm person who has spent too much time practicing being anxious.  Being calm is […]